Technologist Andy Russell Joins Board of Advisors at Ahura AI

New York, New York / March 2019 – Ahura AI, a provider of education software delivering one-to-one instruction using artificial intelligence, recently announced the addition of a new member to their board of advisors. Entrepreneur, investor, technologist and futurist Andy Russell will be joining a board of seven existing advisors to assist Ahura AI in meeting the innovation challenges necessary to achieving the company’s long-term sustainable development & growth goals.

Andy Russell is a digital media, advertising & marketing technology data science innovator, as well as a self-taught behavioral economist. He has invested in, incubated, or run over 50 technology companies. Prior to founding Empact, Andy was the Founder & Chairman of Trigger Media, InsideHook, and Fevo. He was also a founding partner alongside Bob Pittman in the private equity firm, Pilot Group. Andy is passionate about using the power of tech and innovation to address the challenges facing humanity.

“We are extremely excited to have Andy join our board”, said Bryan Talebi, CEO & founder of Ahura AI. “Our mission for Ahura is to address income inequality by providing subscription-based, highly-effective instruction for all. Andy’s work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) embodies that mission and we are honored to have such a legendary investor join our board.”

Early in his career, Andy co-founded Moomba, one of New York’s restaurant/lounge “hotspots.” He graduated from Cornell University where he pursued a degree in Abnormal Psychology and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School. As a founder of Empact, a white-label community platform, Andy currently works with the United Nations on education & income inequality in developing countries.

About Ahura AI

Ahura AI is an artificial intelligence based, one-on-one instructor. Just like a private tutor, Ahura assesses body language to help students understand the material being taught. If confused or frustrated, Ahura’s AI adapts to explain the material in a different way that the student understands better. If the student is distracted or frustrated, Ahura will engage the student with more interesting material. If the student is stressed, Ahura relaxes the difficulty so the student builds confidence. Ahura is one-to-one instruction using artificial intelligence. Read more about Ahura AI at

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