Increasing Learning engagement across corporate learning use cases

Companies are using Ahura AI To Upskill learners in powerful ways

Personalized LMS
Personalized LMS

Organize your existing learning resources and personalize employees’ home pages to topics that are most interesting to them.


Help new employees stay engaged and connect with their teams with in-platform communication and personalized modalities.


Allow employees to advance their careers by acquiring new skills and communicating that proficiency to their managers.


Provide employees with tools to adapt to new roles as business changes shifts the skill sets required by various functions,

On-going training

Ensure employees stay engaged and efficient in completing regular training updates (e.g., new policies, compliance certifications, etc.) with augmented livestreaming.

Ongoing Personal Development
On-going personal development

Cultivate a culture of lifelong learning within your organization to give employees a sense of purpose and belonging in their teams.

This is not your average online learning platform.
Explore the AI-difference below:

Potential-maximizing personalization

Boost learning engagement to spark Career growth

Supportive learning analytics

Post-learning session analytics inform learners of their movements, emotions, and browsing activity habits and suggest options to improve focus and retention over time.

Critical skillset insights

Aggregated analytics inform supervisors of reactions to learning plans to improve curriculum design; Skills gap analysis helps managers tailor training priorities and identify talent for knowledge-based project deployment.

Category-defining approach

Our nascent technology blends industry-leading expertise in cognitive science (how people learn), artificial intelligence (behavior identification and intervention) and Web3 (decentralized data storage and ownership) to redefine continuous employee learning.

Values-based technology

Responsible-AI is at the heart of what we do. Ahura is committed to deploying advanced technologies to empower, rather than monitor, people and is active in industry conversations around ethical use of AI.