Shaping the Future: Ahura AI House at Davos 2024

We’re pleased to announce that Ahura AI will be at Davos 2024 next week for five days of exciting events and panels centered around Artificial Intelligence – all in one place at our Inaugural Ahura AI House!

From January 15th to 19th, during the 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos, we’ll be bringing together a diverse group of academics, investors, policymakers, startup founders, high-profile individuals, and leaders of top AI research institutions in an interactive environment open to all.

The Ahura AI House: A Nexus of AI Insight

This past year has been unprecedentedly transformative for Artificial Intelligence in the real world. With rapidly accelerating advancements and a heightened awareness and embracing of AI among the general public, now is a crucial time for leading figures across disciplines to come together and discuss the most critical issues surrounding AI and its potential for humankind.

We welcome you to join us next week at the Ahura AI House, where you will find a vibrant hub to enjoy insightful discourse, connect with community-minded thought leaders, and uncover opportunities to advance this burgeoning sector in a thoughtful, synergistic manner.

Upcoming Agenda Highlights

Among the many exciting events on the agenda, we’re thrilled to present a packed program on Tuesday, January 16th, covering AI in the Real World: Applications and Impact. Some highlights include:

  • GenAI Expo, an immersive experience designed for collaborative engagement – most notably in the roundtable where attendees can discover real-world GenAI applications, exchange insights, and broaden understanding through meaningful conversations with peers. The Expo is rounded out by the Founder’s AI Spotlight, where visionaries share their AI-driven creations, as well as a session on Ahura’s GenAI Business Strategy Training.
  • The Sentience Soiree Event featuring Grace, a humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics as a healthcare assistant for medical professionals and companion bot specializing in senior care and talk therapy – enjoy a meet-and-greet and photo session! – plus a presentation on AI and the future of community as well as robot rights, led by SophiaVerse CEO Logan Ryan Golema and data rights activist Brittany Kaiser.
  • A fireside chat and discussions about The Future of AI, featuring musician and tech entrepreneur along with award-winning journalist Gillian Tett and Ahura AI’s Bryan Talebi, among others. Conversations will encompass topics like AI and creativity, emerging AI powers, and unleashing the potential of AI in the business landscape.
  • Spotlight on the XPRIZE Competition, which inspires innovators everywhere to help shape a better future in various domains like deep tech and quantum; climate and energy; food, water, and waste; biodiversity and conservation; and health.

The ensuing days will continue the full schedule at the Ahura AI House, with themes focused around AI and Society: Ethics, Bias, Privacy, and Responsible AI, as well as The Future of Work in the Age of AI and finally AI for Sustainable Development. There will even be discussion around Crypto & Blockchain technologies for those interested in digital assets and decentralized tech.

Join us as we tackle some of the most pressing topics of 2024 and explore what drives the AI space today – with an eye toward shaping its future. View the complete agenda here.

Celebrating Innovation with Integrity

Together with Accenture and the United Nations, we’ll also be recognizing the efforts and impact of responsible tech innovators. On Wednesday, January 18th, at 7:00 in the evening, we will give out Ahura AI’s Inaugural Award for Excellence in Responsible Innovation. It honors technological innovation that exemplifies best practices in quality, efficiency, ethics, responsibility and accountability, existential risk management, regeneration, sustainable stewardship, and more.

Nominations are still open! Do you know of a groundbreaking initiative or company that embodies these principles of excellence in tech? We invite you to nominate a deserving candidate and be a part of celebrating the forefront of responsible technological advancement. You can find the nomination form here.

Your Home Away From Home

The 2024 Ahura AI House is conveniently located at Promenade 118, right in the heart of Davos. We welcome participants to come engage in a thoughtful exploration of AI’s evolving landscape, along with plenty of opportunity for relaxation and refreshments.

Doors will be open from 08:00 to 23:00 each day. We hope to see you there!