Maria Laws of Ahura AI joined Matt Greenfield  from Rethink Education and Don Burton from Lean Start at Edtech week in September to discuss Investing in the Future of Education: The Metaverse, Web3 and AI. The group explored disruptions for ecosystem stakeholders such as the learner, content designer, instructor, administrator, and manager and determined that the corporate learner would experience the most dramatic shift this decade. Matt Greenfield spoke about the central role of learning at work, stating that in the future he envisions that 50% of an employee’s time will be spent learning new ways to apply the advanced tech tools and processes that will quickly become the new normal of workflow and life.  New tools and approaches are needed to support this level of continuous learning.

Companies are using digital learning platforms at an increasing rate, leading to training cost savings, increased access and flexibility.  However, this leap forward is being held back on one critical lever; the absence of a qualified guide to support the learner as they learn continues to result in a drop in engagement and quality outcomes.  It is clear that the many roles instructors play in the learning process are crucial to learner success at the scale and speed business requires for growth and survival. 

Despite this clear need, due to scale and cost, it is impractical for employers to hire the number of instructors needed for high quality outcomes at scale. And as we look to the global community of self-paced learners, this gap becomes even more glaring and urgent.  

At Ahura AI, we envision how AI and other advanced technologies re-introduce these critical interventions for the new population of people learning online alone – pairing all with their own 1:1 AI assistant to improve engagement and learning outcomes.  We want the learning you do online on your own to be the high-level experience we know happens when a teacher is present to guide you as you go.  We want to expand access to high-quality learning outcomes so that education can fulfill the promise it has always had: to support people as they envision their future in its biggest form.

“We are pushing the understanding of what is possible for online learning using AI.” said Alex Tsado, COO of Ahura AI. “Just as FitBit has revolutionized the world of fitness, we’ll provide learners information about their habits during learning sessions and options to adapt real-time to maximize outcomes from the limited time they have to learn. Companies and education institutions will now be empowered to embrace the scale of asynchronous learning channels they have previously ignored.”