Davos Debrief

Davos Debrief: From Insight to Impact at the Ahura AI House 2024

Last week at Davos 2024, the Inaugural Ahura AI House served as a pivotal gathering spot during the World Economic Forum, bringing together some of the top minds shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence.

It was an unforgettable five days of insightful discourse, thought-provoking panels, and collaborative engagement between community-minded leaders – capped off by a celebration of responsible and ethical tech innovation.

Ahura AI House: Looking Back At a Whirlwind Week

“This is my favorite time of the year,” said Ahura AI CEO Bryan Talebi in Davos. “You’re surrounded by the most brilliant people in the world, [and] everybody here is here for one reason: to improve the world and improve the evolution of the human race.”

This sense of excitement and community was reflected at the Ahura AI House, where the conversations and connections forged during the event continue to resonate. The following are just a few highlights from the week:

  • A Future of Space presentation was given by Matthew Kuta, President and Co-Founder of Voyager Space. His unique perspective is shaped by his work with the nonprofit organization Space for Humanity as well as his time in the U.S. military and experiences as an F-15E fighter pilot. The session was rounded out with a talk by Pablos Holman – hacker, inventor, futurist, and spaceship builder at Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin.
  • The GenAI Expo was kicked off by a speech and fireside chat with Hitesh Wadhwa, a GenAI Ambassador at Google who also serves as Enterprise Technology and Business Leader, Google Cloud. Afterward, Dr. Keith Keating, workforce futurist and Chief Learning Officer at BDO, emceed a roundtable discussion on what can be achieved with GenAI tools. There was a fascinating spotlight on some visionary companies in the GenAI field, followed by a presentation on Ahura’s GenAI Business Strategy Training.
  • The Sentience Soiree Event brought Grace the humanoid robot to the main stage, where attendees enjoyed a meet-and-greet session and photos with the healthcare assistant bot. SophiaVerse CEO Logan Ryan Golema, who is working to blend Web3 and AI, along with data rights activist Brittany Kaiser of the Own Your Data Foundation (and famously a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower!) delved into AI and the future of community as well as robot rights.
  • Panel Discussions on some of the most topical and pressing issues in the field, such as the Future of AI (hosted by musician and tech entrepreneur will.i.am along with other distinguished panelists); the Future of Work in the Age of AI (“Leading Through Change: Learning & Development in the AI Era”); Ethics in AI (“Best Practices for Navigating Global AI Regulations”); the Future of Space; the Future of Education; and a spotlight on the XPRIZE Competition.
  • Various Masterclasses encompassing can’t-miss topics like GenAI for Marketing (“Unleash your creativity in the age of AI”), GenAI in Sales (“Convert and close with our ultimate AI tool stack”), and Operations & Strategy (“AI hacks to get your life back”).
  • Keynotes by visionaries like David Shrier, Amit Pradhan, Pablos Holman, and Ryan Breslow.

Recognizing Excellence in Responsible Innovation

Another highlight from the week was Ahura AI’s first-ever Excellence in Responsible Innovation Awards ceremony. In partnership with Accenture and the United Nations, we honored organizations that exemplify best practices in tech innovation and are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible while upholding principles of excellence, ethics, and integrity.

Congratulations to the five award winners! We feel privileged to have gotten to know the visionary teams and technological innovations behind each of the winning candidates:

1st: Peak AI – Created a frictionless app-based solution that leverages AI and Psycholinguistics to analyze a person’s cognitive load, emotional states, and overall wellbeing, so they can achieve a state of flow in order to drive peak performance and ultimately unlock their full potential, whether on their own or on a team.

2nd: Liquidstar – Is working to usher in the future of climate, impact, and compute by using solar-powered microdata centers that train AI and host Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake miners and validators to solve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 6 & 7 while increasing financial inclusion in emerging markets.

3rd: Waterfall – Developed a new kind of Layer 1 (L1), highly scalable, entirely decentralized smart contract platform for a more open and secure Web3, where users have increased access and full control over their own data in a “one person, one vote” system in which money can’t buy power.

4th: Laava Tech – Created an energy-saving, resource-efficient, fully automated indoor farming platform that can seamlessly integrate into any existing vertical farm or indoor farming facility and is suitable for all types of plants, making indoor farming simple, profitable, and sustainable.

5th: AI Bridge – Designed an AI-powered productivity tool called FollowUpper that uses large language models to fully automate task flows within organizations by providing each person with their own assistant chatbot that can schedule, follow up on, verify, and close the loop of open tasks, to-dos, feedback, priority of tasks, etc., from the moment they’re assigned on Slack, Teams, and other platforms.

Looking Ahead to the Future

And that’s a wrap! Ahura AI would like to thank the partners, sponsors, and guests whose generous support and active participation made the Inaugural Ahura AI House a resounding success. We’re thrilled to have helped play a part in laying the foundation for a future where AI advances with integrity and purpose.

As 2024 unfolds, we look forward to a year brimming with new advancements, breakthroughs, and exciting moves in Artificial Intelligence from innovators across the globe – and to getting together again one day for another round of inspiring and productive conversations. Same time, same place next year?