Are you like 80% of managers who are wondering how to get your team to survive the accelerating wave of Gen AI tools making their peers faster? Here’s how our Ahura AI team forged ahead and took steps to get in front of the pack.  

Every week during our company-wide learning plan to engage with Gen AI tools, our team’s ability to evaluate and apply crucial Gen Ai tools to their specific dept/role progressively led to faster, better outcomes and seamless integrations.

– Maria Laws, Director of LXD at Ahura AI.

Within weeks of learning about the release of ChatGPT-3, Maria saw the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of Ahura AI’s upskilling platform in guiding full organizations to quickly build up useful capability in Gen AI and more. 

Driven by co-founders with notable contributions to the developments of ChatGPT-3 and Google Translate, Ahura AI has continued to address and anticipate the ongoing need to consistently reinvent the workforce in the age of AI. With the pace of innovation now shifting into almost daily upgrades and expansions, synchronous training approaches like conferences and offsites will be too infrequent and expensive to scale while asynchronous self-paced online training approaches, though cheap and scalable, will not be effective with most of our workforce.  “Workplace research tells us that whenever we send videos and articles out to 10 people, we can assume that only 2 would fully watch or read them, while we can’t tell what happened with the other 8”, said Alex, COO at Ahura AI.

Our first of its kind AI learning assistant provides in session analysis of learning behavior and real time prompts to guide them back to their most productive and effective learning behaviors.  Our data reveals that in the scenario above that same video watched by only two team members will now be viewed by a minimum of 6 members of that ten person team, providing a 3x boost to engagement..  

Ahura AI’s AI centered innovations will transform the outcomes of the cost effective self-paced learning strategy employers need, innovations that will be the key to improvements in organization agility, productivity, and quality outcomes going forward. 

Upskilling on ChatGPT-3 using Ahura AI

Here are the 5 key principles we used to direct all employees to successfully upskill on Gen AI faster than our competitors. 

The Ahura AI platform has been a game-changer for our team’s ability to learn and implement generative AI tools across every department. We’ve developed a five-phase plan to share our success with employees and managers as they drive Gen AI upskilling for the critical competitive edge they will need in this new age of AI.  

  1. Let learners lead.  We enlisted our team members as partners in the learning process, allowing for multiple entry points into Gen AI explorations based upon personal learning preferences and reducing reluctance to engage in this new upskilling capability.  Unlike a generic long form Gen AI course with a one way approach to content sharing, our learner centered approach gave our L&D team an expanded idea of what was available in the market and helped us to build our internal Gen AI tool library, all informed by learner search activity analyzed on Ahura AI.
  2. Use the Ahura AI learning tool.  We embedded the Ahura AI learning tool into the generative AI tool learning our team was doing firsthand.  Ongoing engagement and learning using the Ahura AI learning tool pushed our team to spend much less time on typical distractions like their phones, out of scope websites and inadequate learning environments. 
  3. Reimagine 1:1s.  Our managers reviewed their Ahura AI dashboard to observe recent Gen AI and other learning activity and quickly spot support areas.  The Ahura AI data helped to drive more personalized, efficient, and effective discussions about the needs, interests, and new application ideas our team members devised as they worked with new Gen AI tools.  Our practices for sharing out learning continue to shift each week to incorporate larger and larger audiences as our employees gain confidence in their Gen AI expertise and unique applications.  At every phase of learner development and Gen AI tool expertise, Ahura dashboard use by both team members and supervisors continues to support ongoing engagement, commitment, motivation, and opportunities for reflection on their development.
  4. Highlight milestones.  We focused on Gen AI learning as a personal progression, not a single pass/fail event. Charting progress week to week using Ahura AI led to exponential gains with individual learners over time. Consistency with Ahura AI tool use is key to driving progress for both users and managers; centering the Ahura dashboards in every Gen Ai tool discussion made it clear that this learning was our priority and gave us the information we needed to acknowledge the progress each member was making and provide technical, social-emotional, and content level supports as needed. 
  5. Celebrate learners.  Ahura AI helped us to more easily highlight and celebrate new Gen AI knowledge in action and to celebrate the added value team members were bringing to our work each week. Based upon the learning data, we were able to identify Gen AI tool adoption leaders and then invited a team member to co-design a team learning plan around a specific Gen Ai tool she used regularly and wanted to integrate across all roles. 

As general companies catch up to the first Gen AI models released, our employees are already moving on to new tools being released weekly, picking up on new ways to reduce the time they currently spend on low level tasks.  Ahura AI has helped our team to build out more time to devote to the strategic problem solving our company needs to succeed. [does this work?] …

In our next article, we’ll share about tools and processes employees from different departments have started using to drive more efficiency. Follow us on any social media to keep up with updates, and sign your team up on to get them started on their AI journeys too!