Bryan Larkin Joins Ahura as Chief Technology Officer

Bryan-Larkin-Headshot-Ahura-AINovember, 2020 – Ahura AI, a provider of education software delivering one-to-one instruction using artificial intelligence, recently announced the addition of Bryan as Chief Technology Officer.

A native New Yorker who grew up in Malibu, Bryan is a results-driven technology professional with twenty years of extensive experience. He has led people and project teams while implementing and overseeing technology programs and maintaining & managing IT budgets of all size ranges. He possesses an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and their commercial applications, as well as a complete understanding of large business technology needs.

Over his career, Bryan has successfully planned and directed activities that provide innovative information technology, information security, telecommunications, and customer service solutions, for multiple projects many of which have become global platforms in use today.

About Ahura AI

Ahura AI is an artificial intelligence-based, one-on-one instructor. Just like a private tutor, Ahura assesses body language to help students understand the material being taught. If confused or frustrated, Ahura’s AI adapts to explain the material in a different way that the student understands better. If the student is distracted or frustrated, Ahura will engage the student with more interesting material. If the student is stressed, Ahura relaxes the difficulty so the student builds confidence. Ahura is one-to-one instruction using artificial intelligence. Read more about Ahura AI at