So you’re ready to integrate GenAI into your sales team’s operations. Where do you start? Which AI tools should you use? What are some best practices, and how do you navigate potential pitfalls?

Our Co-founder and COO, Alex Tsado, and VP of Learning and Development, Maria Laws, tackled these questions and more during a masterclass at the Ahura AI House in Davos during this year’s World Economic Forum.

Let’s dive into their insights and see how you can use GenAI tools to transform your sales process!

GenAI & Sales: Exploring Game-Changing Use Cases

Here’s a peek at some of the use cases that Alex and Maria touched on: 

  1. Get the Scoop on Clients – Dive deep and do customer and persona research more effectively. With the right prompts, a tool like ChatGPT can whip up detailed profiles and insights that get to the heart of what your prospective and current customers want and need.
  2. Scale Your Reach – Create high-impact opportunities with personalized outreach that really counts! AI can tailor messages to match your desired writing style, smartly adapt to messaging people in different business roles, and weave in the exact values and keywords that are likely to resonate with each customer.
  3. Respond Quickly and Accurately – Answer customer queries and tackle objections much faster. Train the GenAI tool on every product detail and update, so it can provide spot-on, context-aware responses tailored to specific regions and sales scenarios. 
  4. Deliver Collateral Fast – Drastically reduce your turnaround time on proposals and sales collateral. GenAI can tap into your sales knowledge base as well as take pointers from existing proposals and templates to create personalized content that speaks to each customer. 
  5. Level Up Your Skills – Enhance your abilities with instant feedback and smart recommendations. For example, GenAI can analyze peer/manager feedback and sales metrics, dig into the best practices of top sales performers, and offer tailored coaching for career development.
  6. Simplify Your Workflow – Streamline your processes so you can spend more time on what matters. AI tools can automate time-sucking admin tasks, such as scheduling follow-up calls, making meeting notes, and even extracting and assigning action items to team members. 

Now that you know some of the ways GenAI can help you step up your sales game, let’s take a look at some specific tools…

Unlocking Success: Our Ultimate GenAI Toolkit

As mentioned during the masterclass, discovering and testing GenAI tools is a big task in itself. But we’ve done the work for you, to get you started and help you see the possibilities. Plus, using these tools is a transferable skill – once you get familiar with how one of them works, it’s a lot easier to transfer over to another!

So just for starters, here are a few powerful AI tools you can start using today:

ChatGPT can tackle all of the use cases listed above and more. Plus, it isn’t just a conversational AI; the platform also opens the door to a whole world of other Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) tools, such as gems from Canva, Consensus, and Adobe Express. ChatGPT is the basic tool that everyone should have on deck as a jumping-off point.

DALL-E 3 is an advanced image generator within the paid version of ChatGPT. It creates striking, high-quality images from your text prompts – so you can generate custom visuals for presentations, enhance marketing materials, or just spark your creativity! Midjourney is another option to explore if you’re looking for alternatives.

Gamma AI quickly turns your concepts and data into polished presentations or even webpages. This tool is perfect for anyone needing to communicate complex information effectively – for all-hands meetings, pitch decks, product launches, and more. You can even collaborate with team members, and built-in analytics measure engagement to bring you valuable audience insights.

Munch AI elevates your video content by using advanced machine learning to pick out the most engaging clips. It fine-tunes each snippet to resonate perfectly across platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, tailoring everything from captions to cropping for maximum on-trend impact. As a bonus, Munch can process dozens of languages, making it ideal for global content strategies. 

Mastering GenAI: Essential Tips & Tricks

There’s admittedly a serious learning curve when it comes to using AI tools, however, the learning curve to quality output is shorter. During the masterclass, Alex and Maria shared numerous helpful tips, including the following:

  • The more detailed your prompt, the more specific and relevant the responses will be. ChatGPT can handle hundreds of words of text at once! 
  • Effective prompt chaining is key to success. Tell the AI exactly what you need, and don’t worry if it doesn’t get it right the first time; you can always correct it and refine as needed. Treating the process like an ongoing dialogue will get you the best results. 
  • Make the AI do as much work as possible for you. For example, you can get ChatGPT to come up with a tailored company profile for a customer – based on publicly available information – and then use that profile whenever you need to personalize messaging or create targeted sales strategies.
  • Consider converting text outputs from paragraph format to tables in certain contexts. This makes the information more engaging and easier to digest at a glance, and you can even export it. 
  • ChatGPT can learn your own personal writing style and commit it to memory as a style guide, seamlessly applying it to future tasks whenever you choose. In fact, it can memorize multiple writing styles for different purposes – simply provide a text sample, give the writing style a name, and ask ChatGPT to memorize it.

Check out the masterclass video for a deep dive and lots more tips and tricks – plus ways to avoid accidents! AI accidents are things like: not using the right AI tool for what you need; believing everything AI tells you (tip: treat AI as your mentor, but also as your mentee – verify everything!). Be explicit with your team about expectations for AI tool use with proprietary and non proprietary company and client data/information to avoid pitfalls.

Beyond the Basics: GenAI Training with Ahura AI

When it comes to GenAI training, Forrester analyst J.P. Gownder expects that many companies will under-invest in this crucial area this year. 

“They’ll think one hour in a classroom is going to get people up to speed,” he says. “There are hard things, like prompt engineering, you can’t learn in a day. GenAI has incredible potential to be transformative, but it’s not an easy journey.”

Not to worry – we’re here to help! Ahura AI’s structured yet flexible online masterclasses go the extra mile. Start your journey to mastering GenAI with us today and discover the heights you and your business can reach.