One-To-One Education At Enterprise Scale

Upskill & Retrain Your Workforce Up To 5X Faster Than Traditional Education

  • Real-Time Adaptive Tutoring – Ahura can adapt ‘on-the-fly’ to an individual’s preferred learning style.

  • Biometric Feedback – Ahura combines different biometric signals to gauge subject matter comprehension. If you are frustrated or distracted, Ahura adjusts the curriculum format & difficulty level of the content to retain focus & encourage success.

  • Upskilling Workers At Scale – Ahura allows companies to scale their retraining and upskilling efforts to meet the demand for 21st century jobs.

We developed Ahura AI precisely because personalized education is proven to be the most effective way to teach people. Our mission is to deliver one-to-one education at the enterprise-scale.

Real-Time Adaptation

Ahura AI technology is first-of-its-kind software that recreates the one-to-one tutoring experience with machine learning. Ahura software acts like a human tutor, who can watch for frustration & disengagement and adjust the learning material, take a short break, or switch to easier material.

  • Voice Analysis – Ahura is able to recognize emotions & different tones in a voice.

  • Facial Analysis – Ahura uses facial analysis to understand emotional state.

  • Multiple Curriculum Formats – Formatting the curriculum 32 different ways helps Ahura choose the learning style and difficulty level based on feedback.

Each feedback point allows Ahura to register comprehension of the learning material and adjust to the individual’s learning preference. This creates higher engagement & course success rates.

Meet The Ahura AI Leadership

Becoming the leading technology provider of educational tools that prepare generations for the jobs of the future

Bryan Talebi
Bryan TalebiCEO / Founder
Bryan brings tenured leadership, sales management and training for over sixteen years at leading start ventures including Sols, Bizzabo, Vestorly, and ZocDoc. Talebi started his career at NASA at age of 16. His expertise is catalyzing early stage companies to profitability.
Alex Tsado
Alex TsadoCOO & Founder
Alex brings his product leadership and management skills from his time at Goldman Sachs, Bain & Company as well as his product leadership for NVIDIA’s cloud AI platform that led to a $10B business sector. Tsado is a founder of Alliance for AI, a leading non profit organization focused on accelerating adoption of technology for underrepresented communities in Africa
Tricia Chan
Tricia ChanCMO
Tricia is a marketing communications veteran who has worked with product and innovation teams at Apple, Hewlett Packard, Maclaren, and Stanford Research Institute. Chan is the co-founder of a sustainable above ground sanitation company and an active participant in the sustainable technology and innovation movement.
Jonathan Hoeflinger
Jonathan HoeflingerActing CIO
Jonathan is a leading digital infrastructure innovator, entrepreneur, and technologist. As the Chairman of the Board of Sharemeister, he leads the digital utility company that develops authentic, safe and trustworthy digital communities for organizations across all industry sectors and municipalities. Hoeflinger is focused on building Ahura AI’s scalable product and resulting digital community experience.
DeKai Wu
DeKai WuTechnology Architect
DeKai is a machine learning pioneer, whose career includes significant contributions to machine learning focused on the cognitive relationships between different languages. Wu pioneered the world’s first public web translation service in 1995 at HKUST, a predecessor of Google Translate and Yahoo’s Babelfish. In addition to his PhD from Berkeley in computer science with an emphasis on cognitive science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, Wu has an MBA from Kellogg (Northwestern University) and HKUST.


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