15 12, 2020

Ahura AI CEO Speaking At European Social Economy Summit On “Health Issues & Social Protection – Building An Economy Of Well-Being”

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Bryan Talebi, CEO of Ahura AI speaks at the European Social Economies Summit on Thursday, December 17th on topics surrounding health issues and social protection - Building an economy of well-being. 

12 12, 2020

Ahura AI Panel – AI & Data Ethics Discussion Hosting Nationally Recognized Tech Leaders

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Ahura AI, hosts an ethics discussion around Artificial Intelligence & Data with nationally recognized AI & data leaders including Joe Tuscano (from Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma"), Bryan Talebi (Co-Founder of Ahura, AI), Brittany Kaiser (Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower & Co-Founder of Own Your Data Foundation), Lauren Bissell (Neural Tunes Advisory Board Member), & other investors, entrepreneurs, and AI technology leaders and enthusiasts.

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