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Ahura’s Aku Srikanth: Forbes Discussion On Navigating The AI Landscape

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Benjamin Bloom empirically proved the achievement benefits of one-to-one instruction over the conventional classroom in 1984. 90% of students receiving one-to-one instruction tested in the 20% of student who learned in conventional classroom settings. Calling it the "Two Sigma Problem," he lamented that "most students do have the ability to reach this high level of learning" but that individualized instruction is "too costly for most societies to bear."

New AI Systems Are Here to Personalize Learning

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New AI Systems Are Here to Personalize Learning The narratives about automation and its impact on jobs go from urgent to hopeful and everything in between. Regardless of where you land, it’s hard to argue against the idea that technologies like AI and robotics will change our economy and the nature of work in the coming years. A recent World [...]

Aku Srikanth Joins Ahura AI as Chief Product Officer

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Aku Srikanth Joins Ahura as Chief Product Officer New York, New York / September 2019 - Ahura AI, a provider of education software delivering one-to-one instruction using artificial intelligence, recently announced the addition of Aku as Chief Product Officer.  Aku has years of AI experience as the Head of AI [...]